“I have never been part of something so unique as the River Flow Yoga Training Program! Everything was so positive! Each one of the faculty brought a new perspective and contributed to the lessons at hand!” -Heather Grace

“Mary is a great mentor and instructor. Her experience and wealth of knowledge is so valuable. She is very professional and willing to share.” – Maria Gulan

“I would recommend this program to anyone who may have an interest in yoga – one of the best learning experiences of my life.” -Kristine Carne

“Mary excels in teaching. She brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the training and delivers the information in practical, relatable and often humorous ways.” -Jennifer Ransom

“The team of faculty are remarkably consistent – both in their knowledge and in their patience and support of students.” -Marita Hattem

“My life, my health, my energy, and my passion for yoga have all been transformed by participating in this teacher training program.” -Carrie Kubacki

“Your grace as well as your gentle, playful nature created a fun and loving environment for us to learn.”

“You bring so much experience to your teaching…You have been so nourishing and encouraging and that set the tone for the class.”